Saturday, 28 January 2012

Welcome :)

Hello fellow bloggers,
     I'm really pretty new to this whole blog thing; in fact this is my first time. I've always wanted a blog but I figured no one would really actually want to read my ranting on about this or that. Which could be true, I guess we'll see :P I also always thought I wouldn't have enough time or... oh what's the word... determination, to keep it up. But, here I am. Hopefully a few people or so will join me in my little blogging experiment. 
     So anyways, I think I'll start off by telling you a bit about myself. I'm a ballet dancer in training (hence the common lack of time), and I hope to one day soon be good enough to get into a company. I never really thought of myself as artsy or crafty but not too long ago I was thinking to myself "You know, I'm actually a very artsy person". I love all sorts of thing like knitting, crochet, baking, cooking, nutrition, beading, the environment; I've recently developed a thing for food animal cruelty which I guess I'll probably be ranting on about in the next few weeks. I also love poetry, dance (obviously), chickens, the word rumpus (for those of you who don't know, the definition is pretty much just a big racket, or disturbance; something one might find their children doing) and European accents. They're the best. Well, I basically love everything about Europe. When I retire I want to live in a nice beautiful country home in Ireland, complete with an apple orchard and beautiful garden with little gazebos and a pond with little ducks swimming around. I want to sit and eat cheese and salamis on crackers from humanely treated and slaughtered animals. I'll have a pet sheep dog and my little grand children will come to visit me and my husband. Haha, sounds like quite the dream huh? Well, we can always hope.
     Now I bet you're wondering, what is this crazy lady who seems to talk about everything and nothing going to write about in her blog? Well, I will tell you. I don't like being restricted to just talking about one thing; I like to open up to the people I talk to. Considering that, I'll probably be talking about knitting and crocheting, I'll probably give you guys a bunch of patterns and HOW TOs to have fun with as that's what I love to do. I'll probably just include whatever crafty thing I happen to be trying, making soap or even painting moustaches on cups. I'll definitely throw out a bunch of awesome low calorie recipes, maybe some baked goods. You'll probably happen upon me talking about the mistreatment of food industry animals, or maybe fair trade coffee and the poor children in Africa making cocoa. Maybe I'll throw in a few poems I write, or perhaps I'll be too shy ;) either way, I think you'll find your fill throughout the next month or so, so long as we share some of the same interests.
     In any event, I think that'll be it for my first post. I should go to bed cause I've got ballet tomorrow as is the usual (as you will soon come to see if you continue reading my posts). Bye for now guys :)

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