Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Like they haven't had enough... animal testing :(

     Hey guys, so I know I haven't posted anything for a looooong time... sorry :-/ Don't worry! Im back now. For now... :P
In any event, I was out with my friend a few days ago and we were having greek wraps downtown. we got to talking about animal cruelty and now I'm sort of depressed... The reason? Because now I have to buy expensive makeup and hair stuff!!! She told me about how makeup and hair products and whatnot is tested on animals. Don't think I'm stupid, I knew a lot of things were tested on animals but I thought it was just along the lines of you put some blush on a bunny and if it gets a rash you know you did something wrong. Am I the only one who made this assumption? My guess is not. Either way I am sorry to inform you that that is completely WRONG. 

     Ex: The draize test (tests for eye irritation)for shampoo:
In order to test whether or not a shampoo will damage your eyes, a producer will strap down an albino bunny (albinos are apparently good for this purpose since they dont blink that much), clamp it's eyes open and squeeze shampoo in the bunny's eye. Ouch, we all know how much getting soap in our eyes hurts. Is it done? No. They leave the bunny there writhing in pain (as much as it can since it is strapped down) for about 2 weeks. Sometimes the poor bunny snaps it's neck from trying to break loose. The bunny's eyes crust over and it eventually dies. 
What is even the point of this? I honestly have no idea. The things our species does makes me feel sick sometimes. I don't know how people like this sleep at night, I honestly don't; knowing they're responsible for the pain and death of so many animals.

Here's a few links for more info:

A few extremely sad pictures...

Animal Experimentation Rabbit Draize Eye Irritacy test

Fortunately (unlike meat), they're are many companies that are animal testing free; and although they're more expensive I think that all of us should make that sacrifice (come on its probably only a starbucks drink's worth of money extra!) to promote these companies that actually have a conscious.

A few animal testing free (GOOD! buy them!) companies are:
Crabtree and Evelyn
St. Ives
Kiss My Face
Tommy Hilfiger
Victoria's Secret
Burt's Bees

Ones that Do test on animals (BAAADD!!! stop buying themm!!):
Cover Girl 

Max Factor 
Johnson and Johnson
Sally Hansen
Clairol (includes aussie, herbal essences, daily defense)

Yes that list is depressing... those happen to include practically ALL the products I use... next time i buy makeup though I'll be going cruelty free! I hope you guys will too.

Oh and by the way, household products do the same thing... Arm and hammer, colgate, you name it.

till next time

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