Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Completely Guilt Free Chocolate Mousse

     Hi everyone! 
Guess what?! I am now at a total of 4 page views!... hmm. Impressive?... I think not. Well, that's alright. Someday someone will follow me and read through all my posts and I wont have been writing these things to no one :)
     So, in my last post I gave you guys (well, there isn't really any "guys" being addressed here, I'm mostly just talking to myself :P)a borscht soup recipe. Hopefully someone will actually try it in the future but so far my guess is that no one has since I've only had 2 page views since the recipe went up. But anyways! My spirits are not dampened; hey, it sure beats writing in a diary where you KNOW (and often hope) no one will ever read whatever you're writing. 
     But in any event, *focus Morgan!* today, I thought I'd share my chocolate mousse recipe. This is basically the bare minimum of calories one can have in a dessert; however the end results are completely satisfactory. 
     It's not exactly what most people call mousse, it's actually made out of sterilized egg whites, sugar, cocoa, and whatever flavoring you'd like to compliment it. So it doesn't really end up all creamy and pudding-like, but rather... it's hard to explain. I guess, well, sort of a thicker foamy texture? No that just sounds weird. Hmm. Well I guess you'll just have to try it! I assure you its completely scrumptious. Here we go!


-1/2 cup of sterilized egg whites
-2-3 tsp of sugar (or to taste) *see note bellow*
-about 1-2 tsp of cocoa (I'm not entirely sure of that so, TO TASTE!)
-any other extracts/flavourings you'd like (Almond is good, Maple is reaaallyyy good, as well as peppermint)
*note: you can use syrups to flavor and in the place of sugar. So for example if you were doing maple flavor, just use some maple syrup instead of sugar)

In a smallish bowl, whisk egg whites. You can start with a whisk but then its probably best to switch to a mechanical beater. Or you can just use an electric beater the whole way through (i don't have one so...). Once mixture is getting stiff, add in a  few teaspoons of sugar and continue whisking. Once the egg whites are still and can sort of hold peaks, add in the remainder of your sugar (however much you want to use), cocoa, as well as any flavourings. Mix this all in and you're done! Serve right away as it will start to separate. 

If you want a completely different flavour than chocolate, just don't put in the cocoa. I'm sure just plain Vanilla is great too! It's also very good on fruit :)
It serves quite a lot, it could either be a big bowl for you, or two smaller bowls.

Nutrition: (for whole recipe)
Calories: 104
Protein:14.5 g

     So that's it :) It's really great when you're on a diet and all the desserts besides fruit out there are at least over 200 calories. Not to mention the high protein content! I'd really appreciate if anyone who tries it would leave a comment or something, It's great when you know people are actually looking at your posts. 
     Next post I might include a begginer's crochet hat pattern so come on by for that. Bye for now :)


  1. Hi Morgan!

    I came across your blog and this post was just what I needed to as an after-dinner treat. I made this by beating an egg furiously with a whisk for a few minutes, tossed in some Godiva hot chocolate mix (I didn't have any cocoa powder) and a little sprinkle of sugar. It's currently chilling in the freezer so it firms up a bit, but I think it'll be great! Thanks for sharing your recipe.

  2. That's awesome! I'm glad to hear you tried it! I never actually thought about chilling it... Let me know how it works :)