Saturday, 11 February 2012

Crocheted Valentine Hearts

    Hey guys :) Its been a while. Sort of :P a week or so maybe? Well, I've just been busy reading this new book I got and crocheting little heart clips for my little cousins out on the East Coast. So I was going to give you guys a how-to for a simple toque/beanie pattern, but I figured since it is getting close to Valentine's day, why don't I teach you guys how to crochet little hearts instead?! They're pretty quick if you know how to crochet the simplest stitches. So here's the pattern:

-yarn: you can basically use anything, worsted weight is good if you want a sort of thick heart, but if you want a nice delicate and lacy looking one you could even use embroidery floss/friendship bracelet string.
-crochet hook: for worsted weight use no less than 4.5mm; for anything thinner, use a four, or if you're using embroidery string a 3.5 is good for a nice lacy look.
-tapestry needle (just a thick needle with a big eye)

sc= single crochet
dc= double crochet
tc= triple crochet
ss= slip stitch
ch= chain
st= stitch


Start: Tie the yarn onto your crochet hook, ch3, ss to first st.
1: Working into the loop, dc, tc, dc. 3 sc, tc. 3 sc, dc, tc, dc; next ss into the loop, pull the yarn out and tight, next cut leaving a fairly long tail (about 3' long). Weave the ends in with the tapestry needle, or if you're going to attach them to something like clips, you can use the tail to sew it on with. And you're done! This is what they sort of should look like after you're done:

Crocheted Hearts - Red - Cotton

Hope you guys enjoy that, make some for a friend or family member for Valentine's Day! :)
Until next time!
                                         -Morgan <3

Happy Valentine's day! <3


  1. Good morning! I arrived here from Ravelry. I like the little hearts, and will try to make some this afternoon.

    I like the rumpussing chickens! do you raise chickens? I live in a suburb, so no chickens for me, but I wish I could have some.

  2. Great! I remember I was looking everywhere for a pattern myself but I couldn't find any free patterns >:( so I sort of made one up :P

    At the moment I don't have any chickens but I'm actually getting ready to build my coop for them to live in once I do get them. I'll be getting some in March or April! So excited! Maybe they'll pass a law sooner or later enabling your district to have them :) This is only the first or second year I believe that my city has been allowed to keep them. We have a maximum of four though :(

  3. I'm trying your hearts now with size 3 thread . . . they look great. Good luck with your chickens and with dance.

  4. That's great! Glad to hear they're working out for people! Thank you :)

  5. I love those hearts it will be great with a puff stitch hat or a beret. thanks for the pattern. :)

  6. Hi, just to clarify - does this pattern use US terminology or UK?

  7. I like the little hearts and I want make one . Thank you for sharing.

  8. I like the little hearts and I want make one . Thank you for sharing.