Tuesday, 20 November 2012

DIY sweater skirt

Recently I've really been getting into the holiday spirit. I try to pretend this is the "wintry" spirit but in all honesty, it's really just that I'm getting over-excited for Christmas. I've also been getting really crafty recently (particularly "wintry" crafts). So when my mom held up this hideous old sweater vest and asked me if I wanted it, I said yes! After my initial reaction of "ew no" that is.
 And now, I have a cute knit skirt to wear during the winter (and Christmas!) months :)

So now I'll share with you my DIY sweater skirt. Don't be judgemental of my very simple and bad sewing skills, I pretty much NEVER sew so this was one of my first real tries.

-unwanted sweater/vest
-sewing machine (well I suppose you could do it by hand...)
-scissors (good scissors or they wont cut the fabric)
-thread in similar colour to you sweater
-elastic band that fits your waist snugly and is at least 2" thick

Lets begin!

Okay so first you begin with an unwanted sweater or vest. Here's mine below... As you can see it's not exactly what you'd call trendy.

So then you cut across below the arms or however long you want your skirt to be, allowing about 1" of seam allowance. I was restricted to how long I could make mine because of the arms being pretty low. 

Once you've done that, sew the top of your skirt to the elastic band using a zig-zag stretch stitch. Make sure the inside of your skirt is what's touching the elastic like below. I had to gather my skirt a little bit to match it to the elastic.

Now take your skirt and fold the elastic and seam inside so that your top is where you want it to be like this... After you've done that you can sew the skirt to the bottom of the elastic with another seam along the bottom of the elastic. Now your skirt should look like this :) 

And now you can wear it and be all cozy like this :) Good luck not getting excited for Christmas when you wear your new skirt...

Tell me what you guys think :)

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  1. Super cute project! It must be so warm and cozy to wear too! You asked about using peppermint extract in the peppermint foot soak? You could use peppermint extract instead of the oil, but it wouldn't be moisturizin to use like the oil would be. Hope this helps and have a lovely week! Angie xo