Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Hard work

Hi everyone. I've gotten into a writing about what I'm thinking mood. That plus the fact that I found there is a blogger app so I can write things on my phone equals = me blathering on about what has been going through my head.
This morning it's hard work. Mostly related to dance. You see, dancers, but in particular ballet dancers work HARD. Take how much work a scientific PhD student does and then add physical stress and injuries. That is how hard a ballet dancer works, and I don't think most people realize that. Probably because ballet, being an art is meant to look completely effortless and easy. You don't want to see a dancer finish their dance and then sit down on the floor panting and drinking a sip of water between breaths.
Anyways, the point is, with all this hard work it's often very overwhelming. Often you're cursing all the hard work you put in to it and wondering if it's worth it. The past two days however, my mind has... Shifted. I woke up this morning and thought to myself with a smile "I'm working so hard" and "at this rate I'm going to improve so much". I even thought "I cant wait to get to dance today so I can keep working hard". My hard work has become something I'm proud of and excited about. Am I ranting too much? I feel like I'm probably boring you. Oh well, I guess that's the beauty of blogs. If people don't want to read it, they don't and you're none the worse from it.
Well, those of you who have made it through all that, I hope you find pride and eagerness in your hard work like I have.

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