Monday, 3 December 2012

Day 3: up-cycled sweaters

Welcome to the third day of Christmas! :)
Today I thought I'd share some cool ideas for up-cycling those old and/or oddly shaped sweaters that don't fit quite right. Am I the only one who has a billion sweaters in really nice patterns that never get worn because something about their shape is just wrong? Anyone else have this problem? Yes? Great, you're all set for this project :) No? Just hit a thrift store! They have tons of awesome (and oddly shaped) sweaters! 
Let's begin!

So there's 3 DIYs I'm going to show here. 
1. Sweater to skirt:
How awesome does this skirt look? It's so cozy for winter when you're just dying to wear a skirt but the weather is not all permitting. Just pair it up with some thick, warm tights, some boots, a sweater, a toque and you're all set. 

2. Sweater to cowl:
I saw this on pinterest and it looked so cute I just had to try it. A great idea since scarves are so darn over priced!

3. Sweater to bag:
My friend had a purse that looked like winter sweater fabric and I thought "Omg, that would be such a great idea, a sweater purse!" So I googled some images for inspiration and I saw this one. I haven't actually tried it yet but I definitely will soon! Ill post a tutorial when I do :)

Hope these give you some inspiration. I guess that's it for now. See you guys tomorrow for day 4! :)

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