Sunday, 2 December 2012

Guilt-free Starbucks drinks

Winter is actually one of my favorite seasons. Mostly because of Christmas... But what also makes me love it is the cold weather. It makes you so much more appreciative of when you're warm. I don't know about you but I bus and walk a lot and there's nothing like clasping a warm cup of yumminess in your hands as you stand waiting in the bitter cold. I'm sure everyone knows what I mean. This is why Starbucks is just so great. It warms you up inside and out. I also love how you can customize your drinks and have control over the calorie content in them. I never used to get Starbucks because I thought everything was too fattening but with careful customization (and sometimes a tad of awkwardness when your drink directions are so long...) they are quite within weight loss range. For these reasons, I have chosen to create a list of awesome guilt-free Starbucks drinks you would never have thought up.

The key things to making your drinks guilt-free is nonfat milk; no whip; and when possible, sugar free syrups. However, another way to cut calories (and $$) and not taste is switching from latte to cafe misto. Its pretty much the same thing except instead of a whole lot of milk and a little espresso, you get half brewed coffee and half steamed milk. Don't bother with those ready to go expensive gingerbread lattes (that aren't actually very good... Ill give you a better recipe to make at home that is to DIE for!) or those caramel brullee lattes that are 400 calories each... Try one of these :)

1. Carmel-toffee "latte":
My new all time favorite creation. It is SO GOOD!!
It has only 110 calories in a grande, but if you're opposed to ordering sugar free syrups you can also enjoy it at 150

here are your drink's components:
-grande cafe misto
-nonfat milk
-2-3 pumps of sugar-free caramel syrup
-2 pumps toffee nut syrup

Here's how to order it:
"Hi there, could I get a grande nonfat cafe misto (here you should pause a second to let them get that down before your syrup shpeel) with 2 pumps of sugar free caramel syrup and 2 pumps of toffee nut syrup?"

Yes... I know... It's long and somewhat embarrassing to say but you'll get used to it and it is well worth the effort.

2. Hazelnut and caramel caffe misto:
for grande:
-nonfat caffe misto
-2 pumps each sugar free caramel and sugar free hazelnut

3. Peppermint-nut misto:
A little like a peppermint mocha but... Not...? Its great for if you don't really like the Starbucks mochas (like me).
110 calories in a grande
-nonfat cafe misto
-2 pumps each sugar-free hazelnut and peppermint syrup

4. Guilt-free cinnamon gingerbread "latte": a twist on the gingerbread latte that adds seasonal yum!
70 calories in a grande, if they don't have the sugar free gingerbread then it would be 110.
-nonfat cafe misto
-2 pumps each sugar free gingerbread and sugar free cinnamon dolce syrup

5. Faux caramel brûlée latte:
110 calories to a grande ( see a trend? ;P). I designed this purely to imitate a caramel brûlée latte but with less calories as the real thing has at least 300 even with skim milk and no whip.
-nonfat cafe misto
-2 pumps each sugar free caramel syrup and caramel brûlée sauce

For those of you who like the mochas... Try a skinny mocha with your favorite syrups, preferably sugar free ones. Just remember that a plain skinny mocha packs 140 calories per grande and non sugar free syrups have 20-40 calories a pump.

Here's some ideas, though I haven't tried them.

-toffee nut (20 cals a pump) and sugar-free caramel mocha
-Nutella mocha: with sugar-free hazelnut syrup and a pump or two of toffee nut... I'm gonna try this actually ;P

Well, I hope you guys try some of these, I promise they won't disappoint (especially the caramel-toffee "latte"!!). Have a warm and cozy Christmas!!

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